What is Vidhai ?

Vidhai is a non-profit initiative established by the students of IIITDM Kancheepuram and endorsed by the administration.

Vision of Vidhai ?

To bridge the gap of inequality existent between the underprivileged and the well off laying great emphasis on education of poor children.

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Our Story


Vidhai was initiated in 2014 by a bunch of students who wanted to help for the education of the underprivileged children. They visited government schools in villages surrounding our campus such as kandigai, keerapakkam, kumizhi and melakottaiyur. They conducted both teaching and non-teaching activities in the schools. They conducted 27 hours of session during that period.


Vidhai was re-initiated in October 2019 with more active volunteers and an organized structure of work. We split ourselves into teams and each were alloted with their own responsibilities. We started teaching the 6th to 8th std students of the Kumizhi Government School. We conducted 6 teaching sessions (each 3 hours) on Saturdays (Jan to Feb, 2020) and 1 visit of the 9th class students to the TLC (Teaching and Learning Centre) in our campus.

We taught Maths, Science and English through activity based and interactive teaching/learning methods which created enthusiasm in the students. During our feedback sessions, we identified some problems which lead us to the idea of development of a unique and versatile curriculum called EQUIPPED which we are going to follow in the academic year 2020-2021.

Our Volunteers

"Volunteers are not paid- not because they are worthless, but they are priceless..."

The heart of the Vidhai is at the volunteers who has supported this venture for the better tomorrow. Here are some of their reasons for joining Vidhai and also support them on Instagram!

Our Programmes


EQUIPPED is a unique curriculum developed by the volunteers of Vidhai. The idea behind this curriculum was to ‘equip’ children with specific knowledge about certain topics that will be very much useful for them when they become adults. The objective of this curriculum is to produce well informed and responsible citizens for our country. There are 15 programs (topics) that we will be teaching the students.

  • Banking
  • Personal finance
  • Survival skills
  • Self learning and Critical thinking
  • Public speaking/Communication skills
  • English
  • Health and mental wellness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Constitution
  • Arts
  • Computer science
  • Technology
  • Humanities and Ethics
  • Career guidance
  • E-Services

All these topics were split among our curriculum volunteers and each of them did a thorough research in each topic to develop the content along with necessary activities, from March 2020. We have planned to start teaching ‘EQUIPPED’ syllabus from the 2020-21 academic year in the Kumizhi Government School.


Vidhai developed a program to prepare students in government school to write and achieve in national level scholarship exams.The main motto of the program is to make the underprivileged talented students get into the national level scholarship exams and is being offered to grades 7 to 10.The program started in March 2020, where volunteers started preparing content for NMMS (National Means Cum Merit Scholarship) Exam for class 8 and NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) for class 10.

For classes 7th and 9th, we teach them from basics. For 8th and 10th class we teach them tricks/shortcuts and give a lot of mock exams We also offer a set of videos and online tests for these students so that they get a better understanding of the subject and learn however many times they want to.


Structure of Vidhai

In-order to produce an efficient work culture, the volunteers of Vidhai were split into 6 teams.

1. Teaching team: It includes volunteers who are passionate towards teaching, visit the school on Saturdays to teach the students using activity based teaching methods.
2. Curriculum team: It includes volunteers who research on the content to teach and design activities for the teaching sessions.
3. Scheduling/Feedback team:These volunteers collect data of new volunteers and allot them to their respective teams. Also they conduct feedback sessions after every teaching session. The scheduling team coordinator acts as the HR manager of Vidhai.
4. Logistics/Inventory team:It includes volunteers who maintain logistics of Vidhai and who procure logistics necessary for the sessions.
5. Finance team: The responsibilities of the Finance team are to maintain clear and transparent accounting of vidhai, collecting donations and allocating revenue optimally.
6. Publicity team:Volunteers of this team publicise Vidhai and maintain various social media platforms and create content for publicity.

Manager of the Week : Every week a selected volunteer is responsible for coordinating all the activities necessary for successful completion of that week’s teaching session. It’s the special part of Vidhai where every volunteer gets an opportunity to exhibit his/her management skills.
Each team (except curriculum team), has team coordinators who lead and collaborate to serve the responsibilities of their team.
In curriculum team, there are 15 program coordinators, who are responsible for each program under EQUIPPED curriculum
For detailed roles and responsibilities of each team, please click the following link

Activities in Vidhai

1. Content Confabs: During content confabs, the program coordinators along with the curriculum team volunteers, discuss and finalise the content/activities for every teaching session.
2. Mock teaching session: Before every teaching session, the teaching volunteers prepare for the session with the help of program coordinators.
3. Feedback session: After every session the teaching volunteers who visited the school, share their feedback to the scheduling/feedback volunteers
4. All volunteer meetings: These meetings are for all the Vidhai volunteers which are conducted at regular intervals to share some updates and discuss about the progress of Vidhai

Join Us

Are you worried with the existing education system ?
Do you feel the need to create a change in it ?
Are you willing to be part of the change in the education system ?
Then you are welcome to join us in the pursuit of creating a new and awesome method of education for the underprivileged students.

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Feel free to contact us with questions, queries, or just to say “Hi.”

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